Manage the complete end-to-end steps using SQL, MQL and aggregation pipelines.


Use the user-friendly and powerful CLI to manage different operations in the workflow.


The SmartDelta feature is a great way to save on image storage costs. You can use this feature to deduplicate images you capture at the edge, both after capturing or while storing in the cloud repository.

Reduce training cost

Save money building models at a fraction of the cost of major cloud providers.

Enterprise Integration

Easy integration with enterprise system

Anywhere Anytime - Labeling using mobile. Globally distributed labeling team. Supports popular vision AI frameworks

  • Integrate with Enterprise systems
    • Ready globally distributed labeling team
  • Ready globally distributed labeling team
  • Upload files manually or from Amazon S3, Google Cloud or Azure Storage
  • Access from mobile, tablets, laptops
  • Supports multiple AI models
  • Security
    • Images are never copied outside the enterprise cloud storage

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